The Puzzle Limited Edition Deluxe Box Set
The Puzzle Limited Edition Deluxe Box Set

The Puzzle Limited Edition Deluxe Box Set

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NOTE: The BOX SET is expected to be stock before album release on December 3rd. 

This super limited box set has a built-in 7" full colour screen which automatically plays 'The Puzzle & Snuggles' movie when opened. Its USB port can be used for charging the batteries or to swap content when connected to a computer. The box itself is made from high-quality coated cardboard. 

Upon opening the next thing you'll see is 'The Puzzle' Graphics Novel. Then an inner lid with underneath it two custom-made USB sticks, four 'Stick Men' figurines, Puddles (beanbag puppet), a certificate of authenticity signed and hand-numbered by Devin himself. You may even find a unique drawing? Who knows...

The Box Set is limited to a 1000 copies worldwide.

 Note that this box set includes a physical copy of The Puzzle Graphics Novel (not seen on the product mockup image).

At the time of writing, the USB sticks contain:  (may change slightly over time) 

Puzzle USB: 

- Custom made Navigational Menu

- Pro-res movie of The Puzzle / Snuggles in 5.1 DTS 

- The Puzzle in Stereo Audio

- Digital booklet

- The Puzzle full documentary

Snuggles USB:

- Custom made Navigational Menu

- Snuggles in Stereo Audio

- Digital Booklet

- Various Screen Savers 

- 'Inattentive Subtype' novel by Devin's sister Merridith Townsend (PDF)

- 'Making of The Artwork' PDF, written and designed by Travis Smith and Devin