Inattentive Subtype Novel

Inattentive Subtype Novel

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Paperback novel and the writing debut of Devin's very own sister, Merridith Townsend. The story is loosely based on Devin's ideas for The Puzzle project. 


NOTE: The PAPERBACK NOVEL WILL BE in stock before album release on December 3rd. 


High strung? Absent-minded? Forgetful?
Mia Lever has heard them all. Or at least, done her best not to.

The product of 30 years of her own protective measures, Mia is a woman dedicated to self-soothing.
She’s a woman of comforts- a couch sitter, a cat mom, a box wine aficionado, a superfan of the nostalgic
cartoon cat, ‘Snuggles’.

But that’s all about to change.

In making the radical decision to return her 30th birthday gift, Mia must force herself to abandon the security of her apartment and interact with actual people for the first time it years?
However, as soon as she steps into’s flagship store, Mia’s plans for a painless transaction are eliminated. When her personal items mysteriously disappear from her purse, she is forced deeper and deeper into the massive brick and mortar store in order to find them.

Follow Mia through the floors of the Gargarean Engineered Lifestyle corporation as she encounters an increasingly bizarre collection of people and events that force her not only to question her sanity but eventually to face the truth about herself in ways she could never have imagined. 

On the surface, returning a birthday present might seem like an everyday task but for Mia Lever? This everyday task is about to become something much, much darker.